Eating natural, it is possible

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Local farms produce it

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Food production

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Customer’s position

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Fast and good delivery

Gold Food Africa products

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Coconut oil 500ml

1.200 CFA

1.200 CFAAdd to cart

Aklui Sorghum

1.200 CFA

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Aklui millet


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Palm Oil 0,75L

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Fresh attiéké

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Palm oil 2L

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Palm oil 5L

7.425 CFA

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Bean flour 500g

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Banku-mate 500g

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Elubo 500g

450 CFA

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White Fufu 500g

350 CFA

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White gari 500g

350 CFA

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Why choose us ?

100% Natural

All natural

It is our motto and we are experts in delivering the best 100% natural food on the market. By working with more than 60 farms across the country, we are able to deliver products that are always fresh.

Our products

We distribute a wide variety of products such as Gari, Tapioca, Attiéké, Cassava flour, vegetables and more.

Fast and free delivery

Delivery network

We have developed an efficient and fast delivery network that brings products to your home or office for up to 48 hours.

Point of sale

Consult our local points of sale – you will be amazed at our proximity

Best buying strategies

How are we different?

Our consultants will help you choose the best plan based on your needs. Note that we can also organize a personalized plan specially for you.

Everything in one place

vegetables, cereals, tubers, spices, fish, meat, flour, etc.

Over 10 years of experience

Almost 10 years!

We’ve been working with farms and natural products for almost 10 years and to be honest, it’s the best job ever – seeing people enjoying our products gives us great satisfaction.

100% professional

We have contracts with large organizations at home and abroad. We received the award for the best natural food of 2013.

Natural foods, what you need to know

6 steps to a longer life

Natural Foods

Balanced diet

Healthy cooking

Healthy recipes

Doing exercises

Drink water


Complete and detailed preparation recipe for Attiéké


Detailed recipe for the preparation of Ayimolou

Statistics of our products sold

Gari 25%
Palm oil 74%
Coconut oil 86%

Among the different products that we sell, it has been established a statistic of some products presented as follows;
Gari is sold at a percentage of 25%, coconut oil takes 86% of the sale and palm oil has a share of 74% of the sale.

Weekly maintenance: the farmer

Esther: Mr. Kokou, tell us how you started growing organic food?

Mr. Kokou: Well, first of all, I was never the farmer type. My father had a farm and he wanted me to work hard like him so that one day he could leave the farm for me.

Esther: Did you like it at the start?

Mr. Kokou: Of course not! I was a young boy who just wanted to play with his friends and talk to the girls … I was very shy so there was actually no girl talking to me (laughing)!

Esther: Why did you start working with Gold Food Africa (GFA) in particular?

Mr. Kokou: I started working with the GFA because I realized that it was part of

the same vision as me. They produce and offer quality natural food, which allows me to sell my agricultural stocks.

Esther: What type of food do you produce for your customers?

Mr. Kokou: At the beginning, I started with the cultivation of different types of peppers and some vegetables like sorrel, spinach … Now I work on more than 30 hectares and produce several different vegetables (ugu, aloma, ademe, amaranth …). In addition, we still only have 20 hectares with tubers, mainly cassava.

Esther: Do you raise animals?
Mr. Kokou: Yes, I started breeding poultry (hens, ducks …) and I plan to develop it soon and add other types of breeding.

Natural bio labels